Garden fencing is needed for many reasons It marks your boundaries. It can provide privacy and security and it can add elegance to your home. It is important to choose the correct fencing for the job so that it will last and look good throughout its life.

Installing fencing well is not easy and needs a thorough understanding of the different types and a methodical approach to installation. There are choices to be made about the types of wood used and how the fencing posts are secured into to ground.

Stephen Huxtable Gardening Services have fitted every type of fencing for both small and large boundaries. Please call me to discuss your exact requirements. 

  • Close-board fencing – close-board is made up of overlapping vertical boards of timber. This is the strongest and heaviest panel. It gives you complete privacy and is ideal for boundary fencing.
  • Overlap fencing - this is made from overlapping horizontal timber boards. It also offers a high level of privacy as it has no gaps.
  • Palisade - you get both visibility and good security from this traditional picket-type fence.
  • Many fences can have trellis added to add a touch of decoration and increase the fences height. This also allows an area for climbing plants to cover.